Transaction Structures

Growth Investors with a Tailored Approach

We are flexible investors and work with management and shareholders to structure a tailored solution for every investment. We provide equity financing for a wide range of uses, including growth capital, cash for acquisitions, shareholder liquidity, and management buy-outs or buy-ins.

Growth capital

Additional funding often serves as catalyst for accelerating growth. Typical examples include financing customer acquisition costs, expanding the sales team, building out distribution channels, and accelerating geographic or product expansion.

Capital for acquisitions

Targeted acquisitions have the potential to be a game changer, either as bolt-on acquisitions or transforming mergers. Specific themes may include realizing economies of scale more rapidly, increasing barriers to entry, acquiring a new distribution channel, expanding geographically, or adding a proprietary technology or product in an adjacent segment.

Shareholder liquidity

One Peak is comfortable with providing shareholder liquidity in addition to growth equity or acquisition financing and is experienced in structuring tailored solutions. 

Management buy-out (MBO) or buy-in (MBI)

A management buy-out or buy-in allows the management team to acquire a business they know and create equity upside for themselves. We focus on MBOs and MBIs where growth is the driver of investment returns rather than leverage.