Why Raise Capital

Think Bigger

A great partner and the right amount of growth capital can significantly accelerate your growth trajectory and help you capture opportunity in competitive, dynamic markets.

We are flexible investors and tailor our investments to your personal and business needs, including providing growth capital, helping founders get liquidity, buying out early investors, financing management buy-outs or buy-ins, and providing cash for acquisitions.

Growth capital

One Peak has a passion for disruptive growth companies. Whilst your business may not have any immediate capital needs, additional funding often serves as catalyst for accelerating growth. Typical examples include financing customer acquisition costs, expanding the sales team, building out distribution channels, and accelerating geographic or product expansion.

We have significant experience in providing growth capital and helping you prioritize and execute on opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Capital for acquisitions

Targeted acquisitions have the potential to be a game changer, either as bolt-on acquisitions or transforming mergers. Specific themes may include realizing economies of scale more rapidly, increasing barriers to entry, acquiring a new distribution channel, expanding geographically, or adding a proprietary technology or product in an adjacent segment.

One Peak strongly supports inorganic growth through in-depth assistance with identification, execution, and financing of acquisition opportunities.

Shareholder liquidity

As part of an investment, you may want to diversify your personal wealth whilst remaining in control, and allow some of your earlier shareholders to exit. One Peak is comfortable with providing shareholder liquidity in addition to growth equity or acquisition financing and is experienced in structuring tailored solutions. 

We understand the dual objective of partially cashing out while retaining majority ownership, and specialize in providing an alternative to a full sale or the status quo.

Management buy-out (MBO) or buy-in (MBI)

A management buy-out or buy-in allows you to acquire a business you know and create equity upside for yourself. 

We actively support you in your efforts to acquire a growth business you are truly familiar with. We focus on MBOs and MBIs where growth is the driver of investment returns rather than leverage.