Our Approach

A Differentiated Value Proposition

One Peak invests in exciting growth stage technology and tech-enabled companies. That’s why our investment approach reflects the needs and opportunities of entrepreneur-led companies. Here is what this means to the businesses we back:

Flexible, solution-oriented funding

We are flexible investors and tailor our investments to your personal and business needs, including providing growth capital, helping founders get liquidity, buying out early investors, financing management buy-outs or buy-ins, and providing cash for acquisitions.

High value-add

We invest in you and your team. Exceptional companies are built by exceptional entrepreneurs, not by investors. Our job is to proactively help you where you need us, but not to interfere with your day-to-day business. We are experts at working with you to identify the investments with the biggest impact on the value of your business.

Deep sector expertise

We believe in clear sector focus. The rapid pace of innovation in global technology requires focused domain expertise to create competitive advantages for your business. We bring deep sector expertise and a vast network of relationships to help you build and scale your company.

Fast decision-making process

We make decisions fast and act upon them. We are a dedicated team of senior investment professionals focused on working with you effectively at all times. We aim to complete all our investments within 6-8 weeks after agreeing on key deal terms with you.

Patient capital

We are patient investors who support you throughout all stages of corporate development. Long term commitment is at the core of our investment strategy and is rendered possible by our investors’ long term horizon.

Passionate and entrepreneurial partner

We know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. We have built our own firm, the same way you are building your company, and understand the value of hard work and innovation. We are passionate about the businesses we invest in and work relentlessly to help you realize your potential and vision.

Open and honest approach

We believe in open, honest and direct communication at all times. Integrity is essential for a trusted partnership and paramount to all of our actions. When issues arise, we’ll be upfront about them and work together with you to resolve them.